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At Kanwal Quran Academy, we're dedicated to fostering Quranic learning opportunities for everyone, regardless of their background. With a wealth of experience in teaching the Quran and Islamic principles, we bring immense value to each student's journey. Our team comprises passionate professionals committed to your success in this sacred endeavor. We prioritize personalized, one-on-one interactive classes, tailored to your schedule, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

Our Courses

From the Basics of the Quran to its thorough understanding, Kanwal Quran Academy covers every single aspect of teaching the Holy Quran. Kanwal Quran Academy has gathered a team of highly qualified teachers on board who have several years of experience teaching the Quran to non-Arabic speakers as well. With knowledge-driven Quran recitation, memorization and Tajweed rules courses, Kanwal Quran Academy is passionately helping students in understanding Quran. Since its inception, Kanwal Quran Academy has had a clear vision of serving as a helping hand for students who want to succeed in this Holy Journey.

Highly-Rated Courses

Memorization Excellence

Commit every word of the Quran to memory with our comprehensive course. It is our solemn duty to guide through this sacred endeavor with precision. Embark on your memorization journey today and hold the Quran close to your heart. Acquiring the ability to learn the Quran is indeed a sacred treasure.

Tajweed Proficiency

Master Tajweed effortlessly and quickly with our advanced course. Perfect for those aiming to enhance their recitation, simply enroll with Kanwal Quran Academy to refine your Quranic recitation with precision. It is our fundamental duty to recite the Quran correctly. Achieve excellence in Quran Tajweed online today

Qur'anic Recitation

Master the art of Quranic recitation with our beginner-friendly course. Perfect for those with basic Quranic knowledge, our program at Kanwal Quran Academy provides access to premium resources for achieving a melodious recitation, all without physical constraints and at an affordable rate.

Elite Qur'an Teachers

At Kanwal Quran Academy, we take great pride in our exceptional Quran instructors. Each instructor is meticulously selected from esteemed backgrounds, devoted to guiding students through their Quranic studies with care and expertise.

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